Useful Links  


(The list of the sites shown below is by no means complete; my sole intention was to indicate a few that may be easily consulted and I consider particularly useful)


Sites where you can find and download scores and musical treatises (with particular reference to the early music repertoire)


IMSLP / Biblioteca Musicale Petrucci

This site is very useful and really indispensable for scholars and performers of early music. It is certainly the largest free-access virtual library and contains mostly public domain musical scores and old editions (including the Bach Gesellschaft Ausgabe). Here. however, you can also find many facsimiles of manuscripts and ancient printings: moreover there are also modern editions, that are philologically reliable, published only on-line (harpsichordist students in particular will have the opportunity of finding most French authors for Harpsichord, as an alternative to the expensive Heugel editions).

Online Music Scores (an excellent web page where there are many links to online resources of iconography and musical scores)

WIMA: Werner Icking Music Archive

Johan Tufvesson's free sheet music archive Library

Mutopia Project

Acadia Early Music Archive

W L S C M The Web Library of Seventeenth-Century Music (in questo sito oltre a molte partiture, per lo più di musica d'insieme per voci e strumenti, è possibile consultare online le riviste  Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music JSCM Instrumenta, con interessanti articoli storico-musicologici, di performance practice, teoria musicale, etc.) (the complete harpsichord books by Duphly and a basic but interesting method of Figured Bass by M. Morand)

Choral Public Domain Library  (the largest source online for the vocal music of the Renaissance)  Site of a small publishing house, where there are no scores to download for free but to buy. Musedita's scores are diplomatic-interpretative editions, philologically reliable (even without critical apparatus, but at least without arbitrary additions from the publisher), made from old prints and manuscripts. I think it worthy to report because here you can find many ensemble music especially of the seventeenth century at an affordable price (useful alternative, for students and practical music, to much more expensive "philological"editions , sometimes difficult to find or nonexistent).




BGA - Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe (1851-1899) 

Händel-Gesamtausgabe Händel (F. Chrysander,Leipzig 1864)

NMA - Neue Mozart-Ausgabe Online

Sites of libraries that have digitized and given online access to manuscripts of ancient musical scores and prints


Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden (music department) (this site also has a page especially dedicated to composers of the German area, on which you will find the  links to  monografic sites  of the single composers, from where you can often download their scores and find biographical and musicological information and catalogs)

Bibliothèque nationale de France (Gallica) (more than 3000 scores (by over 500 mainly French authors of the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries) are available on this site coming from the Bibliothèque Nationale , as well as the Bibliothèque municipale de Versailles and the Bibliothèque de Toulouse)   

The Danish Royal Library (provides many manuscripts and old prints, in particular two collections of early music: 

Early music prints and mss (pre 1700) in The Royal Library

Selected music, prints and manuscripts from the 18th Century )



Sites of composers Catalogs


Among the many sites that offer the complete catalogs of compositions by composers of the Baroque period there are:

Klassika (in German)

Musique et musiciens (University of Quebec - in French and English)


 Sites of ancient treatises and  performance practice

Saggi musicali italiani (Indiana University)

Bassus Generalis  (site dealing with treatises on basso continuo, edited by the Conservatory of Geneva)

Dolmetsch online  (a rather redundant and maybe dispersive website, where it is however possible to find news and information on various aspects of early music and its performance practice)  (an appealing website, especially dedicated to the viola da gamba, which also contains several ancient treatises in PDF in addition to pages of general interest on performance practice, musical instruments and iconography)


Finally, here are links to web pages where you can find comprehensive lists of links to all online music resources regarding early music: