As a winner of a national competition for chairs at the Conservatories of Music, Basilio Timpanaro has devoted many years to teaching the harpsichord; several of his students have won awards in major competitions (including Giannalisa Arena, first prize at the Bologna International harpsichord 2005 and Rossella Policardo, recently awarded the thirteenth Harpsichord Competition "Gianni Gambi"in Pesaro and winner of the selection for participation in the European Union Baroque Orchestra - EUBO) and they have established themselves in the concert field. Currently Basilio Timpanaro is professor of harpsichord and historical keyboards at the Conservatory "V. Bellini "of Palermo.  This institute was among the firsts in Italy to set up a department of early music with a wide and rich range of training, which includes the following three-year and biennial courses  issuing academic certificates at level I and II: 


Renaissance and baroque singing, teachers Sonia Prina, Luca Dordolo,  Lavinia Bertotti

Harpsichord and historical keyboards, teacher Basilio Timpanaro

Recorder, teacher Piero Cartosio

Baroque violin, , teacher Enrico Onofri

Baroque cello, teacher Andrea Fossà 


Since its foundation, the Ancient Instruments Ensemble of the Conservatory of Palermo, consisting of teachers and students of the department, has been giving concerts, as well as taking part in prestigious music productions.Recently, an ensemble of students of this department was awarded the Prize of the Arts for the section "Early music instruments" 2010.


For more information on activities and educational initiatives related to the chair of Harpsichord and historical keyboards at the Conservatory "V. Bellini" click here..



Here you can find a number of useful links, for students and scholars of early music and harpsichord:

-Digital libraries of scores and historical treatises

-Sites of essays, manuals and articles about performance practice, musical instruments, historical temperaments, etc.

-Catalogs of works of the Baroque period composers

-Sites of builders of harpsichords and early keyboard instruments 

The fragments you are listening to are taken from live recordings of my concerts. If you want to  listen to the whole pieces go to 'Audio e video live'